Step into Diwali season with these cocktails

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Step into Diwali season with these cocktails


New Delhi, (IANSlife) Diwali is India's favourite festival playing poker, getting together with friends and family, and having a great time. However, no Diwali party would be complete without showcasing your bartending prowess. If you want to stand out this holiday season, try one of these bubbly beer cocktails to make your celebration unique.

Beery fruity

Something light, to carry the night-Delicate and fresh finish of grapefruit ale mixed with the goodness of pale lager beer and tequila, this Grapefruit Beer recipe is perfect to keep your Diwali celebration going. In a pitcher, combine 2 cups lager beer, 150 mL bottle Grapefruit Ale, 12 cup Tequila, and 2 teaspoons lime juice. Stir gently. Serve it over ice!

Beer Rum and some fun

Rum some fun with beer-Boil some beer and set it aside. Next, whisk two egg whites. Beat four egg yolks separately and add them to the egg whites. Now add some grated nutmeg, some grated ginger and some sugar into the egg mixture. Mix until well combined before whisking in the hot beer. Then take two pitchers and pour this mixture back and forth till you get a creamy consistency. Serve!

Beer and Cocoa - #MatchMadeInHeaven

The perfect comforter: Take a large saucepan and pour out a bottle of dry, stout beer. Heat this on a medium flame until its quantity reduces to half a cup. Set this aside. In another pan, mix some milk, chocolate, and cocoa with a sprinkle of salt and sugar. Heat this until the mixture has a smooth consistency. Now add in the reduced beer along with some Irish whiskey. Serve it nice and hot!

Fizzy Ol'Monk for the win

For die-hard Old Monk fans, here is the perfect mix of rum and beer. Take 60ml of Bacardi white rum, 30ml of Old Monk rum, 60ml of Captain Morgan spiced rum and 20ml of triple sec and shake all the ingredients with ice and pour them into a glass. Next, take a pint of beer and tilt it upside down and enjoy!

Cider Beer Sangria

Something to go with the flow: Add 2 sliced apples, oranges, pears, and cinnamon sticks to the bottom of a large pitcher. Add the hard cider, beer, apple cider, ginger ale, and brandy together and stir gently. If you'd like, rim the edge of a glass with an orange wedge and dip it in the cinnamon sugar. To serve, pour the sangria over extra fruit and ice. Unlike regular sangria, don't let this sit overnight since it consists of beer and it's carbonated and fizzy. Taste it before serving, as the sweetness level will depend on the beer you use along with the cider! If you need a touch of sweetness, try it with some maple syrup stirred in.

Beer is so adaptable that it blends so well with any meal or drink, making it impossible to make a mistake when experimenting with beer mixers. Right? Stop wasting time and start inviting your friends over to host the most memorable Diwali party of the year with these cool and entertaining beer cocktails.

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