Experiential stays for the upcoming holiday season

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Experiential stays for the upcoming holiday season


New Delhi, (IANSlife) Our urge to travel has increased since the holiday season has started. It's the ideal time to start planning a vacation with the approaching Diwali holidays and school winter breaks!

For those who would enjoy a longer vacation or even just a quick break from their routine schedules, the moment has come. To make your trip arrangements comfortable and memorable, we give you a list of must-see places.

Bori Wildlife Lodge

Smart, contemporary, and elegant, the resort is set on 7.5-acre farmland and exudes a rustic village-style vibe. The lodge offers 12 well-appointed luxury rooms with private viewing decks. The in-house restaurant follows a farm-to-fork concept, and activities and excursions to the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary are crafted with much detail.

Not the regular jungle haunt, a safari at Bori Wildlife Sanctuary is quite akin to an exclusive, private safari in the forest. And along with the exemplary hospitality of the property, the safari trip adds value to the overall experience. The lodge is involved with wilderness and nature conservation efforts, including a butterfly park that has been developed and carefully nurtured within the premise over the last couple of years, to revive and support the ecosystem of the forest.

About Satpura Tiger Reserve (Satpura National Park & Bori Wildlife Sanctuary)


Besides being an extension of the tiger homeland, Satpura National Park and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary, which comprise the Tiger Reserve are a wildlife enthusiast's haven with its stunning biodiversity. Not as crowded as the other Parks, spotting many of the 52 species of animals, 31 reptiles and 300 birds of which 14 are endangered, can be easier and breezier in these locales.

Sloth Bear, Black Buck, Leopard, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Sambar, Barking Deer, Smooth Otter, Pangolin, Marsh crocodile and Languars, the wildlife of this place has plenty to offer. Birds such as Green Imperial Pigeon, Bar Winged Flycatcher Shrike, Rufous Fronted Prinia, Ashy Wood Swallows can also be found. Need we say more?

Wayanad Wild, CGH Earth

Dancing and coloured bush frogs, luminous scorpions, Elliot's forest lizards, Nilgiri langurs, Blue-tinted Malabar parakeet, the orange minivet, the flame throated bulbul and the crested serpent eagle; mother nature never fails to amaze you! Birdsongs are your morning alarm and the chorus of cicadas is your background score. Wayanad Wild, CGH Earth is an ode to the spectacle of nature that the UNESCO world heritage site, the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is all about!

Set in lush tropical surroundings with spacious rooms that come with their private viewing balconies and all modern luxuries, delicious dining that pays a tribute to everything local (of course, their wise and skilled kitchens also whip up popular Indian and international dishes), and experiences that range from the soft discovery of the forest kingdom to adrenaline thrilling adventures, Wayanad Wild ticks all boxes for a bespoke holiday.

Wayanad Wild

Voyage into the woods in the day to witness its most unseen wonders, such as the ants' building nests for the rufous woodpecker, or the dainty butterflies indulging in an act called mud-puddling. Venture into the forest after dark, on a night expedition, and watch the landscapes transform with nocturnal life. Trek into the hills, zipline, and bamboo raft, or simply enjoy the luxuries of the property; there is so much one can see within its premise!

Wayanad Wild is a photographer's delight, a wildlife lover's and birder's paradise, a perfect multi-generational destination where each generation chooses activities suited to their abilities and interests and a delightful education in nature for the younger ones and adults alike.

While Wayanad happens to be a getaway favourite with a slew of hotels and resorts that decorate its slopes, few discover its true wealth of the Biosphere beyond its scenic claims. Filling this gap is CGH Earth's Wayanad Wild - a front-row seat to Wayanad's majestic nature.

About the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

Amidst the Western Ghats, lies the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Nilgiri Biosphere. Home to native tribes such as Badagas, Toda, Kotas, Kurumba, Paniya, Aiyan and others, the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the biosphere is quite unfathomable - 100 species of mammals, 350 species of birds, 80 species of reptiles, and amphibians, 300 species of butterflies and innumerable invertebrates. The unique landscape and its inhabitants have drawn the attention of many wildlife photographers.

Palais de Mahe, French Quarter and Maison Perumal, Tamil Quarter

The history of Puducherry goes far before the arrival of the French; the legacy of the old Tamils of Puducherry lives on in the Tamil quarters. There are many heritage homes and structures that have been converted to hotels over the years, but few get the balance of colonial-era nostalgia, authentic Tamil styles, and modern luxuries right. Our picks to enhance your Puducherry experience include a stay at Palais de Mahe and Maison Perumal - both located in the heart of the old city - one in the French Quarters and the other in the Tamil Quarter.

Both properties together offer a complete perspective of the amalgamated, yet distinct cultures and histories Puducherry beholds. One can travel into the French-occupied times with Palais de Mahe, colonial home with the prestigious French Quarter address, 50 meters from the seaside.

Palais de Mahe

Maison Perumal on the other hand is a restored 130-year-old Tamil mansion that allows for an immersion into the spiritual and cultural stories of the prosperous Tamil communities that settled around the temple areas in the bygone era.

About Puducherry

If your mood rather craves for some eclectic cultural exploration, a French riviera scene with charming bouganvilla boulevards and promenades, cobbled streets, mesmerising beaches, and bright bursts of colours on lined vintage buildings, head single-pointedly to Pondicherry. Re-christened Puducherry, the region was one of the four French colonies in the country until 1954, lending to its character a strong, clear European influence, visibly evident in its cuisine, culture and communities.

Fazlani Natures Nest

For the health-conscious, or for those who wish to have a healthy vacation, having unforgettable memories while staying at the best place that also offers fun and interesting activities to kids might not be easy. In this case, Fazlani Natures Nest has got you covered.

Fazlani Natures Nest offers creative and engaging activities for kids throughout the day like duck feeding, vegetable planting, clay pottery etc. Children who are naturally inquisitive, and love animals and nature are sure to have a great time at the property. Children who are thrill seekers can engage in activities like cycling or horse riding and meet the resort's farm animals.

And for parents, there are many holistic treatments available at the Fazlani Natures Nest to rejuvenate themselves like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Physiotherapy, or unique wellness offerings like 'Equine' therapy. The wellness retreat is surrounded by dense green lands with a plethora of flora and fauna and is an ideal place to refresh, rejuvenate and rebalance mind, body and soul.

About Western Ghats, Maharashtra

Charming and soothing, the stunning western ghats region of Maharashtra is perfect for nature lovers and indeed for anyone wishing to get far from the madding crowd. The entire area is known for its canopy of green hills which create a refreshing haven to visit. This picturesque destination offers respite to travellers from sultry weather and exhausting daily routine and thus is an ideal short break getaway.

Spice Coast Cruises

A long time ago, the trading communities along the shores of Kerala backwaters used traditionally designed and constructed wooden boats called 'kettuvallams' that sailed up and down rivers and canals ferrying people and goods. Keeping the kettuvallams alive, albeit with modern luxuries and the all-pervading warmth of CGH hospitality is Spice Coast Cruises.

Spice Coast Cruises

A visit to some villages not easily accessible otherwise is made possible if you stay on Spice Coast Cruises. One can relish traditional dishes that the team on the boat whips up, canoe and kayak in the waters, cycle along the shores, and simply revel in the hypnotic beauty of the backwaters while on board.

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