5 lifestyle changes to keep sickness at bay

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5 lifestyle changes to keep sickness at bay


New Delhi, (IANSlife) Staying fit and healthy is essential for living life to the fullest. But there are times when we all get sick, such as when the seasons change. But did you know that there are certain techniques to keep the sickness at bay regardless of many other circumstances? This can be accomplished by eating the correct foods.

Many factors contribute significantly to the prevention of illness. According to Dr. Rohini Patil, MBBS, and CEO of Nutracy Lifestyle, making the following adjustments in your life will help you avoid being sick as frequently.

Having 3 balanced meals a day: Skipping meals can become a huge mess for you if you are working throughout the day. The main function of the meals themselves is to sustain energy. A well-balanced diet will keep you energetic throughout the day. Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and calcium in your meals as these reduce your heart disease risk by maintaining blood pressure and calcium will keep your teeth and bones strong. You can get calcium from dark green vegetables like kale and broccoli.

Walking 30 mins every day: Walking is a great form of exercise that moves every muscle in your body. chances are you feel fatigued through the day if you are looking for a lifestyle change. Walking helps in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, which leads to heart diseases. It not only improves brain performance and productivity but also is a great way to destress. You don't have to run or play, just walk for 30 minutes and you'll see changes in your life. It helps you in strengthening bones and boosts muscles. Starting small with a daily walk is the best way to do so.

Hydrate Regularly: Water is a very essential mineral for the body. It is vital for sustaining a healthy body. It helps in regulating body temperature, keeps those joints well lubricated, prevents infections, and ensures your organs function optimally. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. If you are not fam with plain water, add lemon, mint, and cucumber to it.

Prioritizing mental health: Numerous factors like heavy workloads, long shifts, lack of physical and psychological safety, lack of social support, and many more can be the reason behind your stress. These can have a negative impact on your health and lifestyle. Stress can increase your blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease. It also causes depression which will impact your health badly, so the best thing you can do is avoid stress. Taking stress won't change anything, just relax and solve your problems calmly.

Good quality sleep: You might have heard that it's necessary to take 8 hours of sleep every day but rather than just 8 hours of bad sleep get a good quality of sleep. Don't compromise your sleep ever. Maintain a proper schedule or time and never have heavy meals at night. Proper sleep decreases the risk of heart ailments, depression, and obesity.

Nothing happens overnight, everything takes time. Making changes in your daily lifestyle can be tough for you but you have to be realistic. Good days and bad all are part of life, maybe sometimes you are very strong and sometimes you don't even want to get up from bed. You need to stay on track and be consistent. Try with small changes and surely it'll become your habit.

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